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About Us
How many times have you asked the sales representative in electronics store a question and got a satisfying answer?
HES was born to fill-in the gap between the households advanced home entertainments demands and the lack of such focused service.
End-to-end home entertainment

Home Entertainment Systems (HES) is a Riyadh-Based establishment specialized in home cinemas. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best home cinema experience at the best value. We have the expertise to carefully select the best-of-breed home entertainment components and seamlessly integrate them to deliver an unparalleled video and audio experience. Our goal is to educate you on the right home entertainment components that match your needs. Then we provide a professional design and installation services that you will not find elsewhere. This is the HES Way.

Our story
Technology advancements in the past couple of years have enabled home cinema products to provide audio and video qualities that are comparable to a real cinema experience at a reasonable cost. In Saudi Arabia awareness of the availability of these technologies (1080p, DLP, BluRay, DTS, etc) is rapidly increasing especially with the introduction of High-Definition satellite TV channels. This has resulted in increased interest in home cinema systems that your neighborhood electronics mega-store cannot address. How many times have you asked the sales representative in electronics store a question and got a satisfying answer?

HES sensed this lack of a specialized home entertainment service in Saudi Arabia that properly addresses the increasing home cinema and entertainments requirements of today’s households. HES was born to fill the gap between your advanced home entertainments demands and the lack of such a focused service.

Why HES?
We are home cinema technology experts. HES’s team is specialized in home cinema and is always updated on the current market trends. We differentiate between marketing features and features that are relevant for the ultimate home cinema experience. Our systems are tested and proven to deliver a home experience like no other. Home cinema is not just our specialty; it’s our passion.

Our prices are affordable. Whether you are looking for an entry level system that brings you into the world of professional home cinema, or you are a top notch person who doesn’t settle for anything but the best we have got it.

Ever went hopping between different stores trying to compare the features versus prices of alternative products? Well, with us you don’t need to do this. Our systems are the best value in the market. We constantly scan the market looking for new products and compare features, specifications and reliability against prices. When you chose HES, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your investment.

Your satisfaction is priority #1. Your home entertainment experience starts the minute you walk-in our show room. Our mission is to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience before getting your state of the art system, during its installation, and while using it.

HES is a single-stop shop for your home entertainment needs, literately. Visit our showroom and you will have your entertainment system installed at your home hassle free. You don’t need to spend countless hours selecting each component separately (e.g. surround sound audio system, projector, Game Console, cabling, etc).

Home cinema possible side effects:
• Children spend more time at home than they used to
• More family and social gatherings at your home!
• Friends, family, and colleagues will be envious of your home
Why home cinema?
Enhance your living style with state of the art cinema system at your home. It will do much more than bringing an impressive theater-quality movie experience to your home. It will deliver stunning High Definition sport matches on a screen large enough to fit an elephant and a picture so sharp that you will dodge the ball. For video gamers it will take the game to a whole new dimension. Play the game as its designers intended you to experience it. Playing split-screen multi-user on a home cinema system is a gaming experience to die for.

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