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How much will it cost?
You’ll find that our home entertainment solutions are in the same range as the cost of individual entertainment devices found in a typical living room when added together. More details on the comparison between professional home entertainment systems versus ad-hoc systems that you can put together from the neighborhood electronics mega-store can be found under the budget limitations section.

Our packages start at 19,999SAR all-inclusive, including the installation costs. In the rare case that your room setting requires extensive cabling labor, you will be told of additional installation costs when our teams inspect your room.

Can my home cinema system be the only display at home, or do I still need a TV?
It depends on your usage. If your average TV usage time is more than 4 hours per day, we strongly recommend you have an LCD, LED, or Plasma TV besides a projector as part of your home cinema system.

Can I install the TV and the projector in the same room?
Yes you can. The TV will go behind the projector screen. You pull down the projector screen when you are going to use the projector Otherwise its rolled up and stored in its enclosure.

How much space do I need?
The minimum distance between the seating area and the wall is three meters. The maximum distance between the seating and the wall is six meters. The minimum room width required is four meters.

When should I start the design process?
Ideally, the home cinema system design should be part of the building design. However, that’s not always possible. Home cinemas require relatively extensive cabling. The earlier you design the room with this in mind, the easier cabling becomes. Even if you are not sure that you will be installing a home cinema, we strongly recommend that you include cabling in your building design in any case. Installing home cinema cables in during construction requires significantly less effort and investment comparing it to installing after the house is finished.
Although pre-cabling for home cinema is ideal, it is not mandatory. In fact it is more common that household install home cinema in rooms that were not originally designed for that purpose. Our job is to assist you in the design and find the optimal way to hide the system cables. Please don’t hesitate to involve us in your house design process as early as possible and take advantage of our free consultation service.

Do you use Wireless Speakers?
No we don’t. Wireless speakers are found in low-end consumer surround sound but they are no fit for professional home cinema. Although they very convenient and simplify the installation process, they suffer from the following issues:
  • Wireless speakers degrade the audio quality, reducing the overall quality and experience of your home cinema.
  • They require their own electric power, which is not always available at the optimal speaker location.
  • Not all speakers are wireless. Front speakers always require wired connection.
  • Wireless speakers are less reliable and durable than wired speakers. They breakdown more often.

How often do I need to change the projector’s lamp?
Projector lamps have a finite lifetime. Usually this lifetime ranges between 2000 and 3000 hours. After passing the 2000 hours mark the lamp’s brightness will decrease. We recommend changing the lamp every 2000 hours. With an average usage of three hours per day, the lamp’s optimal lifetime should last for two years before its performance starts to degrade noticeably. The projector should automatically notify you when it is time to replace the lamp. The lamp costs vary depending on the projector model. We carry projector lamps replacements for all of our projectors and offer on-site replacement.

Can I connect the satellite dish to my home cinema?
Absolutely. With the number of High-Definition satellite channels growing rapidly, you should defiantly connect your home cinema system to your satellite dish. If you don’t have an HD satellite dish connection ready in the home cinema room, we can provide ONS one year subscription and dish installation as part of your home entertainment system.

If you don’t have an HD satellite dish connection ready in your home cinema room, we can provide a ONS one year subscription and dish installation as part of your home entertainment system.

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