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Home Theater Guide
Your home cinema project can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.
Having a dedicated home theater room - though ideal - is NOT a pre-requisite for an enjoyable home theater experience.
How can HES help you?

When thinking about getting an integrated home entertainment system, one might start thinking about the challenges that come along with the system. The challenges range from budget limitations to cabling difficulties and lack of technology know-how. We have thought thoroughly on how to address the most common challenges that our customers worry about when thinking about home cinema. Here are some of the most common challenges and how HES will help you to overcome them.

Budget limitations
It is a common myth that installing a quality home cinema is quite costly. A few years back this may have been true, but it’s not true anymore. Technology advancements in the past couple of years enabled home cinema products to provide audio and video qualities that are comparable to a real cinema experience at a reasonable cost. Your home cinema project can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

A typical living room will have: TV, Satellite Dish, VCR, DVD Player, BluRay Player, Game Console, Surround Sound System, CD Player, etc. The total cost of these devices is comparable to the cost of an integrated home cinema system, but the features and the experience you are getting are not.

Putting together expensive home cinema components doesn’t necessarily produce the best home cinema experience. This is where we can help. Armed with our knowledge and expertise in home cinema products prices and performances, we pre-configured three optimal systems that you can select from based on your budget. For more details about the system costs, please see the How Much it will cost section.

How much have you paid for your home entertainment so far? (Satellite dish, TV, VCR, DVD-Player/Recorder, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Stereo, Surround Sound, ipod Speakers, cables and adaptors, etc)
Most households today have bought their home entertainment devices in an ad-hoc manner without a proper plan. Although the cost of buying individual components and putting them together yourself is comparable to buying an integrated home cinema solution, the experiences are completely different. An ad-hoc home entertainment system spreads the cost of the components over a longer period while the cost of an integrated entertainment system cost have to be borne at one time. The latter provides superior audio and video experiences, a professional installation, and a single place to go to when you need service and support.

Lack Technical Expertise
Let’s face it, it’s not easy to keep up with new audio and video technologies and standards. Most households are still learning the features of the devices they bought during the past couple of years, let alone keeping pace with the rapidly changing capabilities of today’s home cinema systems.

Households that manage to put together a good home cinema system on their own will probably not take full advantage of the systems they got because they are not aware of the full extent of the system’s features and capabilities.

HES aims to take the burden off you. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel to get the best possible value for your home cinema system. That’s our job, and that’s what we excel at. We are constantly scanning the market looking for the newest and most advanced home cinema components that will fit your needs. We know what features and specifications matter most in home cinema and we carefully select the components that will give you the ultimate experience.

Difficult to use
Home cinema systems provide a wide range of features and functions that users can find difficult to use. User manuals and guides that come with these systems are not always easy to follow for a non-technical person. Unfortunately, this can become a challenge that deters some households from enjoying a state of the art home cinema.

The HES Way is to make home cinema available for every household; familiarity with the technology is not pre-required. Part of your home entertainment system is a pre-programmed advanced universal remote control. With a single click of a button, all the right devices will power on and automatically switch to the correct settings so you can start enjoying your movie or gaming experience. Based on the system you select, HE Systems team will carefully walk you through the main features and basic system operation. In addition, we have customized simple and easy to follow manuals that will guide you through the most important system tasks. Our support team is available to answer any question you have if you ever need assistance.

Lack of space
A dedicated home theater room (e.g. a basement) is the ideal solution for your home cinema. It enables you to design your room around your home theater system including countless number of accessories such as cinema chairs and special lighting. However, this solution also imposes greater demands on your home theater room design and on your budget.

Having a dedicated home theater room - though ideal - is NOT a pre-requisite for an enjoyable home theater experience. We realize that the majority of households would like to install a home cinema system in a shared environment, such as a living or guest room. We had this in mind when we selected our home cinema components. For example, if you would like to have a TV and a projector in the same room, a pull-down projector screen can be mounted on the ceiling that comes down only when using the projector and rolls back up when you switch to the TV.

The Cabling Challenge
Home theater cabling is best done during a room’s construction. This is the ideal way to hide the cables. It provides you with the maximum flexibility in designing your home theater system including locating the equipment. However, in most cases this is not possible since the room where the home cinema will be installed will most likely be finished and already be in use by you and your family.

Just as a dedicated room is not must to have, pre-cabling the home theater room - though ideal - is NOT a pre-requisite for an enjoyable home theater experience. Our cabling professionals will work their magic to hide all the system cables. HES Way will not only provide the best home cinema audio and video outputs, but we will also ensure that it is professionally installed.

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